New institutions join the network of Santiago a Mil collaborators in this version, allowing us to diversify our audience, take the festival into different spaces and increase the number of shows on the program. The support and commitment of these collaborators is fundamental to the running of the festival.

The University of Chile’s Artistic and Cultural Center (CEAC) is one of the country’s most important centers for music, song and dance and is part of a public university. Among its main tasks are managing some of the country’s oldest artistic groups - the Chilean Symphony Orchestra, the Chilean National Ballet and the Symphony Choir, as well as the Chamber Choir from the year 2000. This year, the CEAC joins Santiago a Mil to present La canción de la tierra, performed by the Chilean Symphony Orchestra, with Paolo Bortolameolli as conductor and staging by Teatrocinema..

La Ciudad y las Palabras is a season organized by the Catholic University of Chile’s Doctorate Program in Architecture and Urban Studies. Bringing together the most outstanding international writers in free sessions that are open to the public, this event joins Santiago a Mil to present Italian writer Alessandro Baricco.

The Contemporary Art Museum (MAC) is a museum that specializes in modern and contemporary art and is part of the University of Chile’s Faculty of Arts. One of the museum’s main aims is to take on more and more social commitments, bridging the gap between audiences and the issues raised by the appearance of new art forms. This year, the MAC joins Santiago a Mil to present French visual artist Sophie Calle and her exhibition Cuídese Mucho.

La Rebelión de los Muñecos (Chile). As part of their aim to keep creating opportunities and make room for animated and puppet theater in Chile, Viajeinmóvil runs the La Rebelión de los Muñecos International Festival. This brings Chilean and international companies together once a year in a program for the community that involves outstanding animated and puppet-theater productions. Its aim is to establish itself as both a Chilean and international platform to spread, encourage, train, tour and hone said specialty. La Rebelión de los Muñecos has an important task: to make material theater visible in Chile, promote touring and offer training opportunities with the genre’s most important world experts. La Rebelión de los Muñecos joins Santiago a Mil to present Chaika, Magdalena – A One Puppet Show and Teatro Matita & Folkoholics, as well as the premiere of Lear.

The National Film Archives are part of the La Moneda Cultural Center and are dedicated to preserving, maintaining and spreading the country’s cinematographic and audiovisual heritage, as well as promoting knowledge of it. As in previous versions, this year they join Santiago a Mil to present Cine LAB.

Teatro del Lago is a theater located on the west side of Lake Llanquihue in Frutillar (in the Los Lagos region of Chile). It’s one of the most important cultural centers in South America and the most southern international theater in the world. The theater joins Santiago a Mil for the first time to put on a family-orientated program.

NAVE A creation and residency center whose mission is to support, collaborate and nurture processes of creation and investigation of the Live Arts –dance, performance, music, theater and all of its imaginable crosses - opening dialogue with other disciplines. It joins Santiago a Mil for the first time for the presentation of Nachlass – Pièces sans personnes.

FOJI The Chilean National Foundation of Orchestras for Children and Young People is a non-profit organization that is part of the Presidency of the Republic’s Foundations’ Network. Since its creation in 2001, it has generated experiences and opportunities for the comprehensive development of children and young people from all over the country through music and orchestras. This year, it will form part of Santiago a Mil for Emeline Michel’s concert in Quilicura, accompanying the Metropolitan Student Orchestra (OSEM) in two songs.