Preguntas Frecuentes


When the festival was started in January 1994, tickets didn’t cost a thousand (mil) pesos, since our sales strategy is to offer tickets at different prices. The press, however, picked up on the ‘a mil’ (‘all out’) part of the name and La Nación newspaper explained it as “trying to emulate, through the number and sheer size of its pieces, the indescribable speed reached by machinery”. The name has stuck until today. The reason behind our prices is to support the work of the company’s members financially. Selling tickets for the shows allows the festival to finance some of the free shows in neighborhoods throughout Chile.

The festival runs from January 3-20 2019, with shows in both Santiago and different regions of Chile.

At the moment, we don’t run a volunteer program. If you’re interested in collaborating though, please write to us at, telling us why and what you’re interested in.

Every play not in Spanish is subtitled. These subtitles are projected onto screens either above or below the stage.

As part of Platea 19, the performances at Metropolitan Region venues between January 15-20 will have English subtitles.